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Let's discuss residential HVAC equipment and how it relates to your home comfort. There are multiple applications when it comes to the layout of your furnace, evaporative coil and outdoor condenser. Most modern day homes find the furnace & evaporative coil located horizontally in the attic. This is true for either single or two story homes. The advantage to this method allows for a more even distribution of air-flow (if done correctly) and a much quieter operating furnace either in heating or cooling mode. The other benefit is introducing zone cpabilitites when it comes to redesigning the ductwork to have complete control over micro climates in your homes environment. If you're home suffers from the typical too hot in some rooms and freezing in others? Having a horizontal application typically makes zoning possible for a much more accurate and comfortable HVAC system that can save over 50% on current energy costs as well. The only drawback in most cases is when it comes time to replacing your equipment or service, the cost of labor will be increased as opposed to a system located in either in a closet or a garage.


Having a furnace in the up flow orientation in a first or second story closet can be an uncomfortable sound level when in operation. Although easier to service or replace, most homeowners have the universal complaint that it's just too loud. There are measures that can be taken to reduce this uncomfortable operating noise such as variable speed furnaces and or air handlers, two stage operating units, sound proofing the intake cavity and installing bar type registers & finally relocating the equipment to the attic if possible. In most cases the equipment closet is centrally located in the home and usually in a hallway. This should give the best air-flow as the ductwork should be evenly distributed. Should your equipment closet be non central located, there are measures than can explored such as a re-duct to help distribute the air more evenly through proper design and volume dampers. Overall this type of configuration can save you on repair bills and usually comes in at a better price point when replacement is necessary. 


Next we have the garage application. This is common in most older tract homes that were built in the 60s through the 90s. Although this application makes it great for service and replacement. The air flow is usually a problem for rooms furthest away from the garage equipment and if a second story is involved, It usually has poor air-flow in rooms that require more air to be comfortable such as primary rooms and or rooms over garages.  Sure the rooms and or vents closest to the garage equipment get perfect and or too much air however that create unbalanced effect and can cause extreme micro climates and unbearable utility costs when it comes to heating & cooling your home. Once again there are measure that can be taken and explored such as variable speed equipment, baffles in the the supply air plenum to direct air away from the closest vents, possible zoning system if space allows, and finally a relocate to the attic if space is available. 


Finally we have the roof top all in one system or as we like to call it, the roof top package unit. This is usually found in high desert homes or valley homes that are older and built in the 50's through the 90's. This application in most cases is the most undesireable layout due to roof noise vibration, high cost to service & replace, lack of industry options when it comes to replacement, condensation or roof leaks as they become older and most city codes do not allow this application any longer to be applied in new construction. The positive is if installed properly, this application tends to have great air-flow and is usually central located on the roof of your home. 


Now moving toward the modern day approach would be ductless mini split heat pump system. These units are ultra low noise db rated while operating, both indoor and outdoor equipment. They are easy to use and service and most importantly do not require ducting and or gas to operate. The other advantage is the zone capabilities. Since the air handler is independent operated, you are only heating & cooling the room that you're in. In the end can reduce electricity usage far and beyond conventional systems and furthermore extend the life of the equipment. These units are becoming more and more popular and offer some of the industries highest rated efficient number in the entire market place. Perfect Climate Air, Inc prides itself on staying on top of cutting edge technology and recommends this application for any home that is seeking an alternative approach to heating & cooling.   

not all brands and models are created equal. Perfect climate air, inc. is proud to use made in the u.s.a equipment & parts.

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