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AC Contractor Valencia

Which Type of Air Conditioning System is Right for You?

Having to choose the right air conditioning system from the different options available can be daunting. However, we can make the search easier for you.

Types of Air Conditioning in Valencia, California

The central air conditioning system is ideal for standard homes since it offers high efficiency functionality and distributes the air via ducting. A ductless mini-split system is the best for cooling individual rooms within your house and or adding zone options. If you live in a small space, a mini split heat pump may also be of interest as well. A hybrid heating & air conditioner is ideal for anyone looking to save both money and energy while promoting a green approach to common HVAC practices.

A new generation system is the all electric Heat Pump system. It works similar to a conventional air conditioner however it also produces warm refrigerant while in heat mode to heat you're home. With the growing popularity of owning solar power for any home or business. Heat Pump system's serve as an ideal combination with solar as a heat pump will run on electricity alone, thus removing the need for a gas appliance. Today we are experiencing amazing kick backs from local utility companies when installing high efficient heat pumps. Some can see up to 3k in rebates! We at Perfect Climate Air Inc. have all types of air conditioning systems and we will be glad to discuss the various options with you. We pride ourselves in providing diligent customer service. Call us today for a free consultation concerning air conditioning Valencia, and let's find the right AC system for you!

Choosing the Best AC Contractor Valencia, CA

Are you in need of air conditioning in Valencia? With so many air conditioning service providers, how do you choose the best contractor? First, carry out a background check and read the reviews. Check for any recent happy customers who received the service you are looking to get. We at Perfect Climate Air Inc have up-to-date licenses & insurances, and you can go through the reviews in our testimonials section to become more familiar with our family owned and operated business.

Second, consider the contractor's experience. No contractor matches the other in terms of experience. For instance, we have a solid 27 years' experience in offering air conditioning installation, repair, and replacement services. Third, don’t always settle for the lower estimate. Low estimate means less expense for you, but does it assure quality services? More than 45% of all budget focused projects end up with performance issues after just a single season of usage. Make sure every detail of your project is carefully considered by a contractor that truly cares. 

Remember to inquire about sizing. The size of the unit you intend to purchase is dependent on multiple factors that your contractor must consider with you. If you're looking for air conditioning services, Perfect Climate Air is a reputable HVAC company that can help you. Call 661-713-9234 to get a free quote today.

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